Breast Augmentation with Lift Houston

Breast augmentation with a lift is a very common procedure performed by Dr. Gill for women who have undergone the effects of pregnancy, weight loss, and aging in Houston, The Woodlands, and Conroe, Texas. They commonly desire correction of not only the shape, but the size of the breast. In women that have both size and shape concerns, augmentation with the lift can offer superb clinical results. It also gives the opportunity to improve any asymmetry in the size and shape.


Individual results may vary

The most important step to a successful result is preoperative planning. We always begin by identifying the size issue first. Dr. Gill will determine what size implant will safely meet the patients desired results and what size implant can safely fit within the patient’s chest wall and breast anatomy.

Once this is decided we can then further determine the appropriate breast augmentation with lift procedure to be performed by assessing the amount of lift that is necessary.

My experience was perfect. Dr. Gill and the staff were courteous, professional and answered all of my questions. I love my after results! My surgery has changed my life completely and I know have more of a social lifestyle because of the boost of confidence. I loved the staff, office location, surgery center location and the way my surgery was handled from start to finish. When people compliment my figure, I probably shouldn’t tell them that I have had work done but I can’t help it. I say it was all Dr. Gill!


Individual results may vary

Is the recovery from a breast augmentation with lift any different that a breast lift?

Recovery from a breast augmentation with the list is not different than the recovery from the standard breast lift.

This technique can offer a profound change to the patient by helping restore and improvement their breast contour to pre-pregnancy status. Patients have a very high level of satisfaction from this procedure, as patients of Dr. Gill frequently comment on how they feel more comfortable in their clothes and how much it helps their overall confidence and self-image.