Breast Implant Removal Houston


Individual results may vary

The implant removal procedure is a common procedure at Gill Plastic Surgery that can be performed due to many reasons in Houston, The Woodlands, and Conroe, Texas:

  1. No longer want implant look: I find several patients simply outgrow their implants and no longer desire the implant look or the patient feels that they want to return to their natural state. These are patients who have not had issues with the implants, but are unhappy from a body image point.
  2. Capsular contracture: these patients have often had multiple implant procedures and may have developed recurrent capsular contracture. After an informed discussion, they realize that breast implants simply are not meant for their body.
  3. Implant malposition: This occurs when the implants continue to migrate out of their normal anatomic boundaries and the only solution to restore normal breast anatomy is to remove the implant.
  4. Recurrent Infection or Seroma: Some patients continue to form infection or fluid that does not respond to antibiotics or fluid removal. In order to prevent long-term breast problems, it may be recommended to undergo implant removal.