Breast Implant Selection Houston

size breastDr. Gill is a strong advocate of careful implant selection based on evidence-based medicine and extensive study in the plastic surgery literature. He believes in utilization of a bio dimensional planning to identify the optimal implant size and shape for each patient. He utilizes the following basic measurements to help achieve the optimal breast implant size:

  1. Base Diameter: the width of the breast.
  2. Upper and Lower Pole skin pinch: Using a fine caliper the thickness of the skin and breast tissue is measured both above and below the nipple.
  3. Nipple to fold distance: the distance from the nipple to the breast crease or inframammary fold.
  4. Nipple to Notch distance: the distance from nipple to the sternal notch.

Studies have shown that utilization of these measurements help guide the surgeon to the most ideal shape and size. We then allow the patient to try on this implant size in the office to help guide them to a realistic idea of how this implant would influence their body proportion.
In the event that the patient desires a smaller or larger size range, we discuss the safety of this change and can provide a different size range after an informed discussion has been held about associated risk of complications, such as implant malposition and potential higher long term patient dissatisfaction. In some cases where the risk may outweigh the reward, Dr. Gill may not recommend surgery.

The use of bio-dimensional planning and implant sizing during the initial consultation helps give breast augmentation patients a realistic idea of what to expect after surgery, and allows Dr. Gill to educate them on what is realistic. This leads to a healthy relationship and happy patient in the postoperative period.