Breast Reduction Houston


Individual results may vary

Breast reduction is a procedure that Dr. Gill uses to both reduce the size of the breast and lift the breast to provide improvement in both size and shape. Depending on the amount of breast tissue that needs to be removed, a circumvertical or lollipop incision may be chosen or a wise pattern/anchor incision may be chosen.

The goal of breast reduction is to reduce the size of the breast and reshape the remaining tissue, while maintaining blood supply to the nipple-areola complex. The circumvertical and anchor incisions have a scar pattern that hides nicely within a bra.

How soon will I notice relief in my back pain?
The breast reduction procedure is extremely gratifying to both the patient and surgeon, because the results can be immediate in relief of the chronic neck and back pain. This can result in an enhanced quality of life by improvement in the musculoskeletal issues associated with large breasts.

Do I have to stay overnight? Will a drain be placed?
Breast reduction surgery can be performed in the outpatient setting. Depending on your medical history, social situation, and if additional procedures are performed, Dr. Gill may recommend an overnight stay. There is usually no need for drain placement, unless the breast is very dense/fibrous or there is a very large weight of breast tissue removed.

How do you maintain blood supply to my nipple?
We also utilize a vascularized pedicle to maintain blood supply to the nipple areola. Using this technique, it is very uncommon to have to remove and replace the nipple as a skin graft, which is an older technique that Dr. Gill rarely performs.

How do you close my incisions?
All of the incisions are closed with absorbable sutures, such that suture removal is not necessary. We also place a clear bandage/glue to keep the incision clean during the initial healing process.