Male Breast Reduction Houston


Individual results may vary

Male breast reduction is one of the most common male plastic surgery procedures performed in Houston, The Woodlands, and Conroe, Texas. It affects men of various ages because gynecomastia or male breast tissue excess can be due to genetic, hormonal, or environmental factors.

In patients who we are concerned that there may be a genetic or hormonal source, Dr. Gill will recommend evaluation by an endocrinologist or primary care doctor to ensure there is no medical treatment available prior to proceeding with surgical options. There are also environmental sources such as alcohol, anabolic steroids, and marijuana; which can cause production of breast tissue. In these cases, discontinuation of the offending agent, often results in resolution of the problem.

Once a patient has been deemed a candidate for surgery, we will assess the breast tissue. Generally speaking, there is fibrous breast tissue and glandular breast tissue. Fibrous breast tissue is very dense, whereas the glandular breast tissue is very soft. Based on the amount of glandular and fibrous breast tissue in comparison to amount of loose skin, Dr. Gill will develop a surgical treatment plan to safely and effectively correct your concerns.

Common surgical solutions include:

  • 1.Ultrasonic Liposuction: This is the most commonly performed procedure by Dr. Gill to treat this condition. The liposuction addresses the glandular soft tissue very well and the use of an ultrasonic technique helps to break up the dense fibrous tissue and also allow for a small degree of skin tightening. This produces a very nice natural result with minimal scarring to the patient. We can often perform this whole procedure through a few small incisions in the armpit and areola.
  • 2.Direct Excision: This technique is used in men that do not have any glandular breast tissue, but simply have a hard fibrous knot underneath the nipple areola complex. By directly excising the fibrous tissue, we can resolve the problem with minimal scarring. Dr. Gill utilizes a piece meal technique to remove the fibrous tissue with minimal incision in the nipple areola complex.
  • 3.Breast Reduction: In men with a large amount of loose skin and glandular/fibrous breast tissue, Dr. Gill will recommend this skin excision technique. In men who have lost a substantial amount of weight or have a significant amount of skin excess, Dr. Gill utilizes this technique to remove breast tissue with a combination of liposuction and direct skin excision. The skin excision can involve a simple donut breast lift with an incision only around the areola or could involve more aggressive skin removal by placing another incision within the crease of the breast.

What is the recovery time frame for a male breast reduction procedure?
The male breast reduction procedure typically offers a very quick recovery if the ultrasonic liposuction technique or direct excision technique is utilized. The key to an optimal result is continuous compression garment use for a period of 4 to 6 weeks. Most men are sore for a period of 5 to 7 days with the ability to return to a desk job, not require pain medicine by about one week postoperatively. Most swelling and bruising will also resolve by about four weeks. Careful follow-up and continuous compression garment use are keys to a successful and natural result.