Breast Reconstruction Houston

Breast reconstruction is one aspect of Dr. Gill’s practice that involves restoring the breast mound after mastectomy surgery and is a common procedure performed in Houston, The Woodlands, and Conroe, Texas. There are many options to reconstruction and several variables that factor into the overall plan:

“Dr. Gill has been the most attentive and professional Doctor that I have had during my experience with breast cancer. He has gone over and above what I ever expected from a medical professional. Dr. Gill and his staff have been amazing.

Being able to do a full reconstruction after a double mastectomy has made my life with cancer a lot easier to adjust to the physical changes that my body had to go through. Dr. Gill made my survival through this experience a lot easier to just know he was there for me as a patient and as a person.
He is still a big supporter in my life.”


  1. Cancer type and extent of disease
  2. Potential need for chemotherapy or radiation treatment.
  3. Body habitus: height, weight, areas of potential donor tissue.
  4. Comorbidities or medical conditions
  5. Patients goals and desires



With breast reconstruction, every woman has a choice. Our goal is to make sure it is the most informed and educated opinion. Dr. Gill will begin by discussing the reconstruction process with mastectomy surgery. With the breast tissue removal, the size, shape, and symmetry of the breast is removed. Therefore, in order to reconstruct the size, shape, and symmetry of the breast, it is often necessary that reconstruction be performed as a staged procedure.

The rationale for staging the procedure is to minimize the risk of complications and allow for an optimal anesthetic result. Typically, the first procedure is designed to re-create the size of the breast. This can typically be performed during the mastectomy surgery. Once the cancer treatment is complete and the size of the breast is regained, a second outpatient procedure can be performed to further shape and contour the reconstructed breast and perform any symmetry procedure to the non cancer side. In certain cases the nipple areola complex is removed with the mastectomy. If this is the case, Dr. Gill will perform nipple reconstruction as a final procedure to complete the reconstructive process. On average, this complete process takes anywhere from three to six months. If chemotherapy or radiation therapy is necessary, the process is delayed until the treatment is complete.

Thanks to federal law, breast cancer reconstruction and all its associated procedures are covered by health insurance. This involves, not only the initial reconstruction, but any subsequent reconstructions and symmetry procedures to the opposite breast. Please take time to view our website, patient education series videos, and schedule a consultation to learn more about her reconstructive choices.